Flatmates NOT Wanted!

We rented a kiwi movie called “Flatmates Wanted” which had a rating of 5 stars on the dvd jacket so we were expecting a good, if not, decent movie.  It turned out to be the worst piece of shit movie I’ve ever seen.  Shit acting, no cinematography whatsoever, not even mood music.  Just some guy going nuts in an empty flat and not even doing a convincing job of it.  I think the 5 stars came from one person who most likely was the director.  Terrible, terrible, terrible waste of time and money.


Octyl Methoxycinnamate Goodness

I recently got the Blistex Strawberry flavored lip balm which has natural fruit extracts and flavors. It’s so yum it makes me want to lick my lips all the time, which defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. But at least it has SPF 16!

Rendezvous in Christchurch

Christchurch, although pretty, is quite boring. There wasn’t much to do there, but at least it was sunny. I went there to visit my uncle for the weekend and then rendezvous with D who was just finishing up his famil. It turned out to be quite an uncomfortable weekend. I had not anticipated being thrust into the middle of my uncle’s marital troubles, but there I was. The tension was just too much with husband and wife not speaking. I sought refuge in playing with their infant son, poor little baby. I hope they resolve their problems though, at least for the baby’s sake. Meeting up with D was quite a relief in so many ways. No pictures from the trip though as I was deprived of a camera =(.

Four Important Life Questions

Who are you?
What are you capable of?
What is your potential?
What do you deserve?