Spaceship Adventures

I got out of Auckland! D and I were finally able to get away for the weekend. We went on a three day road trip to various parts of the North Island. I took a half day on Friday and we picked up our Spaceship which is a fully equipped camper van – totally awesome. It had a bed in the back, a cooker, chiller, dvd player, etc. Basically like a portable home sans bathroom facilities. First we headed off to Hamilton (aka HamilTRON – the city of the future, but not really) to visit some of D’s friends. I lost $50 at the casino!! After a tour of the beautiful Hamilton Gardens in the morning, we headed off towards Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. That night we stayed at a campsite in beautiful Mount Maunganui which was practically on the beach. Our spot gave us a gorgeous view of the sunrise in the morning. It was a very quiet seaside town. We went on a night trip in search of a basketball court where D could shoot some hoops. We found one at a school which turned out to be quite creepy in my opinion. The next day we headed off to Hotwater Beach in the Coromandel Peninsula. You’re suppose to go during low tide, but we got there a bit early because I got the times wrong. I thought low tide was at 3pm, but it was actually at 4:56. We hung around and D tried to dig me a hot pool, but to no avail. All we got was cold water. We even waited till the low tide time, but the water wouldn’t go down. It was still fun though. We stood in the water and dug our feet into the sand to feel the hot water and it was boiling hot! I almost burned my feet. The current was really strong and I was famished so we left to drive to Hahei which was where we planned to stay that night. When we got there, the campsite looked pretty shit, so we opted to find a different city. After a look at the map, we decided on Whitianga. That decision didn’t pan out though as we discovered the town was pretty dead. We got some Chinese take away there though and had a romantic dinner in our spaceship =D. We finally decided to just drive all the way back to Auckland that night. Overall, the trip was fantastic with great weather and all.

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