Stepping on my J’s

We got matching kicks! HAHAHA! Check it.


All Blacks vs. England 3.14.2008

It was a packed stadium at Eden Park last night when the All Blacks kicked the bageezus out of England. Early in the second half, it was hands down not even a contest anymore. It was an exciting game nonetheless with the crowd finally being able to do a decent wave that went 3.5 times around the stadium with bottles and whatnot thrown everywhere.  There wasn’t even pandemonium when we left! Fantastic.

Lim Family Style of Buffet Eating: Philosophy and Technique

Upon entering the restaurant, one should scan the layout and calculate the quickest and most direct route to the food. If there is a waiting period before being seated, one should stand in a spot from where the food could be viewed and surveyed for potential consumption. When seated, all hindrances such as jackets, purses and/or children should be left at the table. If necessary, leave one member of the clan to watch over valuables. This member is either the one who volunteers (never me) or the one who will contribute the least to the initial food gathering round (again, never me). The food ratings goes as follows:

1. Seafood
2. Meats

The following foods should be avoided: breads, rice, noodles, potatoes and beverages. Try to drink as little fluids as possible as this takes up valuable stomach space. It also makes you go wee a lot which takes away from valuable eating time. Do not overfill plates because this will make you appear like a gluttonous cow. Remember, we want to be admired for our gluttony, not repulsed. This is a contested point as some members of the family often break this rule, which make them look like gluttonous cows! Any self respecting Lim must have the stomach capacity to accommodate at least three food gathering rounds. This of course does not include the dessert and fruit course. Those who choose to consume the should be avoided foods will be chided, tsk’ed and have remarks such as, “waste of stomach space”, thrown at them. Our main objective is to consume far more than our money’s worth. Sometimes we like to hear phrases such as, “man you can eat a lot” and “you’re getting another plate?!?!”, and sometimes we don’t. Depends on the atmosphere. A successful feast will be signified by the consumption of massive quantities of seafood and meats. Luckily, encoded within the Lim family genes is that of a fantastic metabolism…at least this is true of the female Lims (har har har fattty brothers!).

Stood Down

It’s a strange feeling to not be allowed to work, allowed being the operative word. I’m in a bit trouble with immigration since my current work visa/permit expires today and my application for a new one has yet to be processed. What this means is that I’m here unlawfully until such time as my new work permit is approved. Yeah, very strange indeed to be on a forced holiday. Hm…twiddling thumbs…wondering what to do…I might as well put my time into good use and learn some new web programming skills. Always wanted to, but never had the resolve, erm discipline, to do so. Can’t believe I’m not allowed to work! This is so weird!

Cleared of All Charges

I’ve been waiting ages for my official FBI background check which I need in order to lodge my new visa/work permit application which is expiring this Sunday! As I expected, they sent back the fingerprinting form that I had sent in with two stamps on it which indicated that I had no record of any criminal activity. Ohh and they attached a letter at the front to explain that they had stamped the back of the form. Now I can finally send in my application and hopefully not get deported! What a hassle.

Road Worthy

Last week, I got my official New Zealand driver’s license. A full Class 1 license which means I am authorized to operate a car. And it was so easy! Unbelievably easy. Went to the AA shop on a Saturday morning after having reviewed the list of possible test questions that were conveniently posted online and asked to take the test. AA is a car rental/insurance company who are authorized to administer the test. There wasn’t even a line!! After I filled out and submitted the application, I had an eye examination and then then took my picture. The lady assured me that I would pass and she was right. There were about 35 questions and you were allowed two incorrect answers. After about twenty minutes, my test was done and they issued me a temporary license which looked like a receipt. Not even two weeks later, my real license came in the post. Now I longer need to carry my passport everywhere, yay!