Dead Feet and Empty Wallet

Holy mother effer, I’ve never seen so many Chinese people in my life! I’ve also never been in a more chaotic place. This is like San Francisco Chinatown multiplied by 1000. It’s a challenge not to be knocked over or run over while walking down the busy shopping district of Hong Kong. That in itself is an adventure. Add heat and humidity on top of that makes for a whole lot of sweating asians all trying to go in different directions and yelling at each other while they’re at it!  It isn’t uncommon to see shouting matches.  Funny as.

So I started this blog whilst in Hong Kong, during the second or third day of my month long China trip and am just now coming back to it because we’ve been extremely busy and China has WordPress blocked!  This  then shall mark the embarkation of my mental regurgitation of the goings on during my oh so very long vacay.  Must upload pictures!  More to come later.