Disturbia Runin’ It

Apparently it was a good concert.  I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed it as well if I had seen more than 10% of it.  I went to the Chris Brown/Rihanna concert last night with great anticipation thinking that I would be able to burrow my way through to the front, but ended up being sardined about three meters from it with a bunch of sweaty teenagers all of whom were taller than me.  Everyone in their failed attempts to get some space, and with it with air, seemed to make it worse as quarters got tighter and tighter throughout the show.  It was almost worse than being in a crowded Chinese train and that is saying a lot.

The 10% of the show that I did see was spectacular though.  The music was great and the light show was amazing.  Neither artist was disappointing entertainment wise or quality of music wise.  You know how sometimes you see people perform live and they sound like crap compared to their records, these two weren’t like that.  Their voices held up even through all the dancing.  D held me up a couple of times so that I could see the full stage.  It was very sweet of him to do so cause I know he was having a tough time with the crowd as well.  He also lost his phone somewhere in the crowd!

I somehow always got stuck behind the the tall people…where the top of my head reaches the top of their shoulders.  There were a couple of occassions where I thought that I had finally found a good spot where I could actually see the performer, but then the movement of the crowd always had me back behind another tall person.  I had a fantastic view of peoples’ sweaty backs though!  All in all it was not one of my better concert experiences, but it was a great concert…aparently.


Sealed, Stamped and Sent

I mailed my ballot today! It makes me proud to be able to participate the US election process even though I live on the other side of the world. I was getting a little apprehensive because I registered really late and wasn’t sure if it made it in time. Luckily it did and I found my ballot in the mail yesterday. I promptly made my choices and handed it over to the post this morning. Let’s hope America makes the decision not to put a guy who’s about to keel over and a lipstick wearing airhead in the White House. I’m not going back if McCain’s elected.

She Wore an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny…

Last night we sat down to watch “A Good Year” starring Russell Crowe as a English stockbroker who inherits a French chateau from his late uncle. It was a missable film despite the lure of the idyllic french vineyard. As the credits rolled, a french version of the song “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” came on and D pulled me up for an impromptu dance with me constantly stepping on his toes, but he didn’t seem to mind. It was a precious few minutes that I’ve permanently locked in a capsule and carefully stored in my memory register. It’s these wonderful moments that make me realize and appreciate how good it feels to have him in my life.

Down to Earth at 9.8m/s/s

I went skydiving!!!!!!!!!!!  What a way to celebrate a birthday – not mine, but Davy’s.  The decision to go was made 5 minutes after we woke up.  It all seems a bit surreal now, but I have the pictures and video footage to prove that I really did hurl myself out of a plane at 12,000ft.  This has got to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.

Davy’s Skydive
My Skydive

Davy’s Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we celebrated Davy’s 41st birthday with a wicked dinner at Sushi Train on the Viaduct. A whole lot of sushi was consumed; we made a Leaning Tower of Plates =D. Went out clubbing afterwards and amost killed my feet. Correction, definitely killed my feet.

Check out the photos here

God’s Kitchen

After nearly three decades, I went to my first rave a couple of weeks ago.  God that makes me feel old.  The atmosphere was good though and there were quite a few people there, most of them probably teenagers still.  The theme was “Angel in White” and surprisingl almost everyone was in the spirit of it.  Most were in white if not full on angel costumes.  A friend’s bf and his friends went so far as to make their own angel costumes.  D looked dashing in white and we managed to stay out till 3am!!