Time and Importance

What can I say after such a long break? Many things have happened since my last post, things that were of great importance at the time, but has since been filed away in memory along with everything else. Some of it seem like such surreal experiences, as if I has dreamed it.

The most important thing I suppose was my trip back to California to see my family. What a joy that was. I didn’t realize just how much I had missed them. It was as if I didn’t have enough hours in a day. Each day that I spent at home saw me going to bed late and waking up bright and early, something I rarely do unless it was a work day. I wish I was someone who needed only a few hours sleep a day.

I spent half my trip at home and the other half giving Davy a snapshot tour of California and Las Vegas – oh and the Grand Canyon! We took a day trip out to it from Vegas. It was fun, but much too much time on a bus. Good day for catching up on sleep. It was a road trip so I did all of the driving. After Vegas, we went to San Diego, Los Angeles and then a bit of a ways up the central coast. I actually got to see much more of these destinations this time around than the many previous times I’d been there because now I had to show someone else. LA was my favorite stop. I never liked LA previously, but we just did so much in the city this trip including a VIP tour of Universal Studios, went to a taping of Dr. Phil (I was on TV!) and went to see most of the touristy sights. We actually saw celebrities, and all of it was amazing!

I was sad to say goodbye to my family again though, but there was no avoiding it since I had already made my choice. C’est la vie. Getting back to Auckland was in a way such a relief. It was good to get back into my stride, but now comes the hard part of figuring out the next step. The wheels are already in motion, but who knows when I’ll actually take it.

San Francisco
Monterey – Santa Cruz
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
San Diego
Los Angeles
Pacific Coast