Blonde Asians

What an eyesore! It’s uber pretentious especially when your dark dark roots start showing the next day. Highlights are fine, even in crazy funky colors, but to completely bleach your entire head to resemble some children of the corn midget is a big NO-NO. Embrace your naturally hair color people!


You Are What You Think You Are

If you think you’re a loser at life, then you’ll end up being one. If you think you suck at everything, then you probably do. If you think the sky shits on you, then you must reek. Many things in our lives, from our daily routine to what we achieve, are determined by what the mind visualizes and tells itself. Our bodies, after all, are mere vehicles. It can be shaped and molded, probably one of the easier things to accomplish. Think positive and you will be positive. Visualize yourself reaching your goal and you will eventually get there. The separation between failure and success is a function of time and effort. If neither factors are zero, anything is possible.

Sponge Bob and Elmo

I was having lunch at Wendy’s earlier today and a couple of teenage guys were loitering outside the door contemplating whether to grace the establishment with their presence. In the end they decided against and turned to walk down the busy thoroughfare of central Auckland. As they turned, I saw a flashes of bright yellow and red. Adorned on their backs were Sponge Bob and Elmo backpacks, you know, the kinds that you buy for five year olds. It just begged for a “wah???” Needless to say, they both had dumb kiwi haircuts as well. D called them clowns and I agree.

On a side note, wtf am I eating at Wendy’s for? I had only one reason to go to there back in the states and that was to get a $1 frosty. They don’t have those here by the way. It squelched the hunger, but I really do need to find better digs to toss my money at.

Thought Retention

I’m at about twenty five percent, maybe. I think my memory started to play hide and seek when I was finishing up high school. Now when evening rolls around, I can’t even recall what I told myself while the sun was still high in the sky. I’ve resorted to chanting what I want to remember about ten times, waiting a few minutes and then chanting it another ten. Even after doing so, it still slips my mind sometimes. I should get a book on how to improve memory, but then I keep forgetting to do that as well. hmph.