Nada Por Me

I’ve decided that I’m not a thrift shopper.  I thought I’d give it a go this morning and check out several op shops (opportunity shops) around town to see if I could make a fabulous find, but to no avail.  The places just smelled like…old.  And everything was mixed in with everything else.  Didn’t quite feel like digging through every single piece of old stuff.   My mom got a really beautiful black fur coat once,…I think it was real fur.  I saw several fur pieces as well today.  One was a skinny fox wrap that still had little feet dangling from them, toe nails and all!!!  OMG and little tails.  It was far too creepy for me so I quickly left that shop.


A Brief History of Everything

This is awesome. I’ve always wanted to do a flip book, but the inclination has never been overwhelming…so I just didn’t. But this guy did and it’s pretty cool.


These pandas look fake…and really dirty. In fact, so do these men. It’s like trying to make a two year old take a photo when it’s struggling to get back to it’s mother.