Adventure List

The following are things that I want to do/accomplish in this lifetime, in no particular order. I imagine it will go through metamorphosis along with me.

1. Run on the Great Wall of China (08.2008)
2. Explore Machu Picchu
3. Travel through Eastern Europe
4. Go on Safari in Africa
5. Skydive (10.12.2008)
6. Do the Tongariro Crossing in the North Island of New Zealand
7. Visit my grandpa’s village in Chaozhou China
8. Go on a hot air balloon ride
9. Drive on the autoban
10. See the pyramids in Egypt
11. Row a boat in Cambodia
12. Motorcycle across Italy
13. Learn to speak Mandarin
14. Create a digital repository of family photos and videos
15. Get a Jack Russel Terrier
16. Island hop in Fiji
17. Visit the Galapagos Islands
18. Learn to ballroom dance
19. Watch an Olympic badminton match
20. Attend all four tennis grand slam tournaments
21. Attend a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
22. Sandboard(12/30/2009)
23. Canoe down the Amazon
24. Zipline through the rainforest
25. See Oasis in concert in the UK
26. Hike down the Grand Canyon
27. See the sand dunes in Death Valley
28. Drive across the US
29. Visit the west coast of Australia
30. Learn to swim
31. Visit Washington DC
32. Join the Peace Corps
33. Vacation in the Maldives
34. Learn to surf
35. See the Running of the Bulls in Spain
36. See the Aurora Borealis
37. Read at least one book a month
38. Run a marathon
39. See a Broadway musical in NYC
40. Get into the real estate industry and make a profit
41. Design my own life.
42. Try out the European lifestyle for a span of time.


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