Random thoughts from people our age…

I am a child of the 80’s and I grew up in America (mostly). This sh*t is funny and makes me go bahahahahaha as I turn to my peers and say TOTALLY!!

Random thoughts from people our age…


The GM Challenge – Day 5

I’m getting really tired of the limitations on food. Today I’m only allowed to eat two 10oz. pieces of beef and six tomatoes. I thought today would be much easier than it’s turned out to be because I could finally eat some meat, but it’s actually harder than yesterday. I already have a long list in my head about what foods I want to eat when this is all done: sushi, pizza, Vietnamese BBQ, Korean BBQ and spam musubi just to name a few. Oh and white rice! I’m allowed to eat brown rice on day seven, but really, who wants to eat that?? Fragrant white rice sounds so mouth watering right now. I just got about a dozen recipes for Chinese dishes from Appetite for China. Can’t wait till Sunday when I can try some of them out.

The GM Challenge – Day 2

No meat is hard to do. Purely vegetables is really hard. All day today I was questioning why I’m doing this, especially when there was apple pie and cake at work =(. I started the day off with a baked kumara instead of a baked potato (I hope this wasn’t breaking the rules), then had a salad with a homemade vinaigrette for lunch. As a snack, I packed some carrot coins. By late afternoon I was so hungry. So hungry in fact that I came home and gorged…on vegetables. I had about six heads of blanched baby bok choy with a bit of oyster sauce, then made a carrot salad with some lemon juice, salt, bit of sugar and fish sauce (again I hope that wasn’t cheating). Now I’m sharing a big bowl of stir fried green beans with onion and garlic with Davy. I’ve also put four ears of corn in a pot. After that, I will make the vegetable soup that is suppose to supplement this diet, which I didn’t know about until today!

I’m also now dreaming about what I will make tomorrow when I can eat both fruit and vegetables. Mmm, thinking about roasted eggplant with some garlic. Maybe I will make some guacamole and cheat with a few corn chips. Other than hungry, I don’t feel any different, but then again, as Davy just reminded me, it is only the second day.

The GM Challenge – Day 1

Today is an all fruit day, except no bananas. So far it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I just had a big mango, so I’m not hungry anymore. I have terrible cravings for something more substantial though, but I’m not suffering from hunger. So far today, I’ve had:

1 Orange
2 Pears
1 Nectarine
3 Tomatoes (they are ovaries, therefore fruit)
1 Mango

I took my measurements this morning so we’ll see what the differences are at the end of day seven. No wait, I lied two minutes ago. I am hungry. I want some Vietnamese food…some sushi, omg. Gah!

The GM Challenge

Let me preface this by saying that I have never been on a diet in my entire life.

I want to kick off this new year, new decade with a fresh mind and body. The mind is harder to adjust and takes more training so I’ve decided to commence with the physical body. I am going to detox my body. I heard of the GM diet from a coworker of mine and with it only being seven days in duration, I think it’ll be a feasible feat, although she herself could not complete it. The breakdown of the days are as follows:

Day 1: All fruits
Day 2: All vegetables (+ 1 potato!!)
Day 3: Fruits and vegetables (no bananas or potatoes)
Day 4: Up to 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk
Day 5: Lean meat/cottage cheese with 6 whole tomotoes
Day 6: Unlimited amounts of lean meat/cottage cheese and vegetables
Day 7: Brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables

I already know that day 6 will be my most favoritest day of the whole experiment. And this is most definitely an experiment, but one that I am resolved to force to a successful conclusion. Apparently at the end of day 7, I will feel 7-10lbs lighter and my whole system will be flushed of all the toxins I’ve been stockpiling. The experiment will commence this coming Saturday, 9th of January. Wish me luck and a firm resolve!

The Importance of Manners

If you make an appointment with someone, it’s common courtesy to relay a message in one way or another if you are either going to be late or can’t make it altogether. There are so many methods of communication these days and it only takes 5 seconds to send an “I’m not going to make it” message!

We’ve decided to let our spare room out and had a girl call yesterday wanting to come view it. We made an appointment and she said she would come by between 7:30 and 8 tonight. The place was a bit of a mess and we were out all night so had no time to clean up. I had to work the next day so left D with a list of things to clean up. He vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, shower and straightened out the spare room as we had been using it as a storage room. The place looked great when I got home. Since he was working a late shift, I waited to meet the girl and show her around. 7:30 rolls by, then 8 and then 8:30. No show, no txt. How rude! It’s now 9:35 and I’ve just had my dinner. I hate waiting and have very little patience for it.

On a side note, I made awesome guacamole tonight! I put in some onion, tomato, sour cream and a dash of salt, yum. Then I made one of my favorite dishes – fried egg with picked daikon!

You Are What You Think You Are

If you think you’re a loser at life, then you’ll end up being one. If you think you suck at everything, then you probably do. If you think the sky shits on you, then you must reek. Many things in our lives, from our daily routine to what we achieve, are determined by what the mind visualizes and tells itself. Our bodies, after all, are mere vehicles. It can be shaped and molded, probably one of the easier things to accomplish. Think positive and you will be positive. Visualize yourself reaching your goal and you will eventually get there. The separation between failure and success is a function of time and effort. If neither factors are zero, anything is possible.

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